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Sunday - May 31 - 10 am - 5pm

Wednesday - June 3 - 6pm - Dark

Saturday - June 6 - 1pm - 7pm

Race 1

Sunday - June 7 - Gates open at 8:30am

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Ready to Open...The COVID19 way!


Thompson Kart Raceway will resume operation on Sunday, May 31st.  The schedule is as follows:

  • Sunday May 31st - Practice - 10am to 5pm

  • Wednesday June 3rd - Practice - 6pm - Dark

  • Saturday June 6th - Practice - 1pm to 7pm

  • Sunday June 7th - Race 1 - Gates open at 8:30am


Because of changes in insurance rules (non COVID19) and the health and wellbeing of our members and staff (COVID19), there will be changes to the way we need to operate.


Due to the changes in insurance and COVID19, we will now be distributing the pit passes and registering drivers upon your arrival at the track.  This is a common practice at several facilities that some of our traveling racers are already used to.  Here is what the new procedure looks like.

  • When entering the track, all vehicles will need to stop at the gate house.

  • If there is a vehicle ahead of you, you must wait to exit your vehicle until you reach the gate house.

  • Be sure that your paperwork (found here) is filled out completely and signed prior to your arrival at the track

  • When you are the front vehicle in line, one adult member of the vehicle may proceed to the attendant.   YOU MUST BE WEARING YOUR FACE MASK.  We will not register you without a face mask.  

  • The attendant will check your paperwork, record your wristband number, and register your driver(s).

  • You will then pay the attendant (NO CASH, CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS ONLY PLEASE).

  • Return to your vehicle, enter the facility, and GO HAVE FUN!


Due to the open nature of our facilities, our insurance carrier insists that all persons entering the facility purchase an insurance wrist band (what we refer to as a pit pass).  Because of this, our race day "gate fee" will now be $8, and a practice day "gate fee" will now be charged at a cost of $4.  Please understand that the pit passes cost our club considerably more than this increase.  The Board made the decision to attempt to protect our racers and fans from this increase as much as possible, and will actually be taking a financial loss with this change.  However, the Board also felt that the club, it's members, and all of our fans need to be protected in the event of a major injury or mishap at the facility.

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